Gather Green’s mission is to help you create events and run businesses that will synthesize service needs with budgeting, that will foster coordination with organizers, vendors, staff, and volunteers to prevent waste where possible and deal sensibly with waste produced. We manage your waste and divert as much from the landfill as possible.

Core Values

We at Gather Green value above all diligence in waste management, as it is not an easy job. Honesty and transparency are paramount where the task of diversion and reporting is concerned. We have a passion for results that are achieved through open mindedness, alignment, and accountability. And above all, we strive to do the least amount of harm as an oath to our community and the to the natural world.

About Bryce

Bryce Northington founded Gather Green to reduce the amount of waste produced by large gatherings of people and businesses. Having grown up on the Chesapeake Bay, Bryce has a reverence for the natural world and wants to protect it from ever-growing landfills. Gather Green combines her knowledge and passion for environmental waste management solutions with a knack for creative solutions to help event organizers and businesses lessen their impact.