While it is easy to become despondent at the state of the world today, I feel nothing but profound joy in introducing Gather Green to the world. As landfills overflow and microplastics pollute our water systems, aquatic life, and even our bodies, it can be overwhelming to think about ways in which we can make effective change. As individuals, I do believe we can make a difference with every choice we make. Still I wanted to divert more, reuse and repurpose more, and recycle more beyond just the scope of my individual footprint.

In founding Gather Green, I wanted to create a community tool for businesses and organizations to depend on for reducing their waste too. Festivals and galas, concerts and fun-runs, even family reunions and birthday parties have an interesting challenge in this age. How to have a successful, engaging event without all of the trash? We at Gather Green want to do all the work for you so all you have to think about is having a great time. We not only manage your waste, but divert as much as possible from the landfill by composting, recycling, and finding reuse alternatives.

This journal is for you to have a look into what Gather Green does, who we work with, and how you can start gathering green. Look here for updates and more to come soon!

Stay Sustainable,
Bryce Northington
Gather Green, Founder