Gather Green not only consults with businesses and event organizers to prevent waste from being produced in the first place. We also manage and divert through creative waste recovery solutions! Our goal is to see communities celebrating and working together without causing unintended harm or long-lasting negative impacts to our environment.
We do the work, you have the fun!

Gather Green Services

We offer full service waste management based around these 4 Pillars.


Gather Green works hard to prevent your business or event from producing waste in the first place. When organizers prevent waste in the planning stages, the event itself is overall much greener than just dealing with trash that accumulates the day of the event. Gather Green helps you gain control over the trash your event creates. By creating a Waste Management and Diversion Plan, Gather Green equips you long before your event with the tools needed to have as little waste as possible.


Your Sustainable Event Assessment and/or Business Waste Audit calls attention to the areas where it is possible to nip and tuck back waste. In addition, it brings about the best method of garnering Vendor Commitment. Gather Green gets your sponsors, vendors, caterers, staff, volunteers all onboard to reduce your event’s footprint. Whether through training, taking a pledge, education, and information, GG discerns for you the best way to reduce waste overall.


Gather Green sees even recycling as a waste stream. We want to help you divert your waste from all waste streams, landfill and recycling facilities included. This happens by extensive research into reuse options to give your waste a second or third (or fourth or fifth!) life. Let GG take your trash away and do the time-consuming work of sorting and diverting trash away from landfills and into the hands of artists, builders, local business, swap sites, etc.


Gather Green makes sure all of the organic waste from your event or business will be composted and transformed to help create healthy soil. As a commercial composting service, Compost Now can take anything made from a plant or an animal, which opens up your affordable serving-ware options and gives you the ability to divert even more from the landfill.

Individualized Service

We offer custom services based on the type of event you’re hosting and your overall waste reduction goals! We can help at any stage of planning and implementation.  Fill out the form below to request a free consultation and get started Gathering Green, today!